Re: snmp disconnects

2000-03-21 12:07:29
Subject: Re: snmp disconnects
From: Miriam_Heise AT vanguard DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:07:29 -0500
I have experienced the same problems with the snmpdx daemon.  I also had a PMR
opened but it was closed as Tivoli told me that there was a snmpdx patch
available that fixed the problem.This is the information I got from the Tivoli

"I don't have a patch number.  I only heard from a customer that they had
gotten the latest maintenance.  Are you running SEAS 1.0.3?  I'm not sure
how to tell which version you have.  I tried doing a strings on the snmpdx
module and looked at it with swmtool, but neither gave the whole story.
1.0.3 may be the latest, or at least a good one.  It also helps to put -f 0
on the snmpdx startup command in the startup script, /etc/init.d/init.snmpdx."

Someone from our UNIX support group downloaded the snmp patch that is referred
to from Sun, but found that their only reference to snmp is with respect to some
of their other products that we don't use.  When trying to load the patch, it
fails due to the other applications not being loaded.

Miriam Heise
Systems Mgmt
The Vanguard Group

Date:      Mon, 20 Mar 2000 20:07:59 EST
From:      "Jeff W" <jeffw411 AT hotmail DOT com>
Subject: snmp disconnects

I have 4 servers running solaris 2.6 and netview 5.1.1. Since the
installation of netview a few months ago, I have been receiving "can't talk
to snmpd" errors with the. This happens when I launch netview as root or
when I stop and start netmon. When the application is launched as root it
takes about 6min, then the GUI launches but I receive the same snmp error. I
recycle snmpd on the server and all works fine till the next startup of the
application or stop/start of netmon. The community names as far I can tell
are setup correctly in the snmp configuration on netview. I have been
working with Tivoli for about two weeks on this, we have upgrade the snmp
agent on the servers, started the snmpd with additional options such as -f
0, which was suppose to fix one of solaris snmpd problems. I have started
sending them trace files etc. but no fix at this time. Has anyone else seen
or heard of similar problems?
Also, does anyone have a sample snmpd.conf file for a Sun Solaris box
running Netview they could share? Our Unix admin folks don't have much
experience setting up snmp for system management, sure would help to see how
other are setting it up.

Jeff Wornstaff
Sr. Network Architect
Lockheed Martin
"This is my router, there are many like it but this one is mine."

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