[NV] x [TEC] Integration

2000-03-20 12:51:51
Subject: [NV] x [TEC] Integration
From: Mamadou Touré <mtoure AT sendas.com DOT br>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:51:51 -0300
Hi List,
I am running Tivoli Netview 5.1 (patch 5.1.2) on NT server and installed a
TEC 3.6.1 server on another NT machine. I was trying to configure Netview to
forward events to my TEC server.
MY TMR server is running in another NT machine.
What I did:
1)      Configure tecad_nv6k.conf to send event to my tec server  (tecsrv)
on port 5529 
2)      Create a new rule base
3)      Import the tecad_nv6k.barroc from the netview server
4)      Compile the rule base
5)      Stop the TEC server 
6)      Load the rule base and start the TEC server

*       Completing this config I event didn´t receive na event (wtdumprl
command show no  netview event)
*       From my Netview Event browser I receive events
*       From the TEC console I have event coming from Distributed Monitorig
Does anybody have experienced this kind of problem or can help to solve it
Best Regards,
Mamadou Touré

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