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2000-03-20 07:56:43
Subject: Re: TIPN 6.0
From: Scott_Donohoo AT tivoli DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 07:56:43 -0500
Hello Martin,

The patch you are looking for is the Tivoli NetView Server 5.1 Enabler for
Windows NT. It is in /NVNT on the TIPN CD. Since NetView for NT by itself does
not use Framework, the NVS_51 patch_id does not exist in the Framework database.
The Enabler component adds this patch_id so that other TIPN components will be
able to check that NetView is installed on that managed node.

There are no changes in TIPN at all from NetView 5.1 to NetView 6.0.

Scott Donohoo
Tivoli Customer Support Team (NetView for Unix/NT)

Martin Walder <martin.walder AT itmasters DOT com> on 03/20/2000 05:07:51 AM

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Subject:  [NV-L] TIPN 6.0

I am trying to use TIPN 6.0 on a NetView 6.0 for NT installation to give
me NetView/Inventory integration.  The CD is labelled Tivoli Integration
Pack for NetView NT version 6.0, part # LK3T-5022-00, however the
contents look strange (strangely similar to the 5.1 CD).  If I try to
install the NetView/Inventory integration product, I get a dependency
problem in relation to NVS_51, which looks like a patch to NetView 5.1
Server.  (This patch doesn't seem to be on Tivoli's website).

Is it safe to find and install NVS_51, or should I find the equivalent
for NetView 6.0 and install that instead?  If so, how do I find this

Martin Walder
Senior Consultant

IT Masters (UK) Ltd
Unit 5, CNC House,
Grand Union Office Park,
Packet Boat Lane,
Uxbridge UB8 2GH
Tel:+44 1895 909 500
Fax:+44 1895 909 501
Internet http://www.itmasters.com


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