Daemon errors

2000-03-17 11:35:54
Subject: Daemon errors
From: Hugh C Laughlin <Hugh.C.Laughlin AT Cummins DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 11:35:54 -0500
Ok... I am having some problems here with a couple of daemons constantly failing
on me.

Our current setup is a Client-Server environment, both running AIX 4.3; NV
version 5.1.1

The daemons which keep dying on us are: ovwdb, ovtopmd, and nvcold.  These
daemons, and the application as a whole, die on me when I am trying to delete
objects in the IP map.  Initially I get an error mesage/window stating: Lost
connection to database.  The only option here is to select OK, after which the
NV applications closes.  When I try to restart NetView, I receive an error: The
following REQUIRED daemons are not running:   ovwdb  ovtopmd

Additional information which might help, when NetView is running, ovstatus
indicates the following two objects are not behaving well:

 object manager name: trapgend
 behavior:            OVs_NON_WELL_BEHAVED
 state:               RUNNING
 PID:                 19420
 exit status:         -

 object manager name: mgragentd
 behavior:            OVs_NON_WELL_BEHAVED
 state:               RUNNING
 PID:                 16002
 exit status:         -

Everything else in the ovstatus show well_behaved.

Any suggestions or idea would be greatly appreciated.


Hugh C. Laughlin
Network Systems Analyst
Lockheed Martin IBS
hugh.c.laughlin AT cummins DOT com

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