RE: Cisco Devices: AdminStatus vs. OperStatus

2000-03-09 19:27:12
Subject: RE: Cisco Devices: AdminStatus vs. OperStatus
From: "Joel A. Gerber" <joel.gerber AT usaa DOT com>
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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 18:27:12 -0600
Think of the two MIB objects this way:
        ifAdminStatus is the DESIRED state of the interface
        ifOperStatus is the ACTUAL state of the interface

I usually set the ifAdminStatus MIB object to shut down an interface, which
is the same MIB object that is "set" if you shut down an interface through
the device configuration, e.g. log in to a router, enter config mode, and
enter the "shutdown" command on an interface.

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Subject:        [NV-L] Cisco Devices: AdminStatus vs. OperStatus

Hello All.

I have several Cisco roueter and switches in my environment.
I have been looking through some of their MIBs and I have found two MIBs 
which I can set that I may be interested in.

The first is OperStatus. Now, I know that I can disable/enable a port by 
setting this MIB Object.

But what about AdminStatus? It can be up or down. This may be a trivial 
questions for someone who has experience with Cisco but I am not sure what 
is does and it's relationship to OperStatus ??

Any information appreciated.


Gord Michaels.

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