Re: Re: Volatile SNMPsets under Solaris

2000-03-07 17:57:12
Subject: Re: Re: Volatile SNMPsets under Solaris
From: Joe Fernandez <jfernand AT kardinia DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 08:57:12 +1000
At 10:13 AM 07-03-00 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for the pointer.  I've grep'd the RFCs in 
>/usr/OV/doc and the MIBs in /usr/OV/snmp_mibs, but I 
>can't seem to locate the comment that you've identified.  
>Can you please point me to the location/name of the doc?

The documents I referred to are draft standards for MIBs, so they will not
be on any NV distribution yet. You can find them at RFC repository sites
such as www.isi.edu. The expression MIB document , for example, is called
draft-ietf-disman-express-mib-11.txt. You can find it by this title (or I
can email it to you if you wish), and look for section 3.2 and you'll find
the statement on persistence. It is also in the event MIB. Formally, drafts
are not given the status of reference material, but I'd guess that these
are likely to be RFCs Real Soon Now.
My own take is that persistence of Sets was regarded as too obvious to need
a statement, until recently, and so it is only the new drafts that make
explicit reference to it.

>Sun has categorized the volatile SNMPsets as a Request
>for Enhancement (RFE).  The program may not be rhobust 
>or polite, but they say that it's functioning as 
>designed... The only workaround they identified is to
>directly edit the conf file.  If you're interested in 
>tracking this, the Sun ID# is 4314553.
>Thanks again,
>Tivoli Education

Joe Fernandez
Kardinia Software
jfernand AT kardinia DOT com


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