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2000-03-06 09:59:33
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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 09:59:33 -0500
NetView 6.0 is a major new version, so you will not find a list of defects from
prior releases associated with it.  Instead you will find new features, some of
which I have alluded to before, such as the "universal web client" (same on UNIX
and NT), a new submap explorer on NT and now also available on UNIX, and
location-sensitive topology, which allows you to build a configuration file of
locations to be built and populated on discovery for easier, and more easily
reproducible, map customization.

Product levels are designated by "version.release.modification level", so in
fact the "true" name of NetView Version 6 is 6.0.0.   Defects are fixed in
lesser releases, such as was the case in 5.1, and 5.1.2.   Do you see how this
numbering scheme works?  A  new release level, such as  "dot one  (x.1)"  will
probably contain major enhancements along with defect fixes, but a  new
modification level, such as "dot one dot one (x.1.1)" should contain only defect

In any case, 6.0 is built on the same fix level as 5.1.2.  When 6.01 is
released, it will contain all the "old product" fixes  in 5.1.3, plus any fixes
made to 6.0.0.   5.1.3 is due to be released in a couple of weeks, and 6.01 some
months later.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX and NT) L3 Support

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Please respond to IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l AT tkg DOT com>

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What problems are fixed/unfixed in Netview 6.0. ?
I think it would be interesting having this information posted on the
NV-LIST too.

Francisco Gurrea-Nozaleda

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Hello :  This is an information about Netview 6.0.


Sales [email protected] SYSTEMS
24/02/2000 03:39 PM

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      CBU-Staff, SSBU-Worldwide, PS-Worldwide, CD-BusDev, CD-CorpStrat,
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Subject:  Now Available: Tivoli NetView 6.0

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Announcement Overview
Tivoli NetView 6.0 is now generally available. With this release we have
added new features/functionality to Tivoli NetView, our award-winning
distributed network management product. Additionally, we have
new pricing that allows Tivoli internal sales and channel partners to
create and capture value based on the complexity of the solution.  Also,
Tivoli NetView 6.0 National Language Support (NLS) will be available in
early Q2 supporting Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Value To The Field
·  New Pricing Model
   With the new pricing model, Tivoli NetView 6.0 is a more worthwhile
   investment of time and energy for our direct sales and channel
   The new pricing model is based upon the number of switches and/or
   routers in a customer network.  Because this model scales, the
   the complexity of a network, the greater the revenue.
·  Entry into New Accounts
   Because Tivoli NetView 6.0 is a stand-alone product that provides a
   quick return on investment through easy installation and deployment,
   is a great basis for entry into new accounts.  The strong integration
   with other Tivoli products provides an opportunity for add-on sales.
·  New Features/Functionality
   Tivoli NetView 6.0 has a set of new features and functionality that
   improve its appeal as an integrated solution.  Some of the highlights
   include the ability to manage a network the way the business views
   environment (location sensitive topology).  Also, a New Java Client
   affords network managers the flexibility to view the network from any
   browser. These features enhance the core functions of Tivoli NetView,
   which enable users to:
        Discover TCP/IP networks
        Build collections (SmartSets) of critical business systems for
        collection and policy management
        Display network topologies; correlate, manage, and
        events and SNMP traps
        Monitor network device health and availability

Strategic Importance
Tivoli NetView 6.0 will fortify Tivoli?s Network Management solutions
offering and provide a strong platform to secure our ownership of the
network management arena. Enterprises and Service Providers alike are
realizing the strategic importance of network management in today?s
computing environments. When talking with customers, emphasis should be
placed on the need for a comprehensive, scalable solution that will help
reduce costs while maintaining the flexibility necessary for rapid
expansion of the infrastructure.

   Will Mason
   Product Manager
   will.mason AT tivoli DOT com

   Kenn Zuber
   Product Evangelist
   kenn.zuber AT tivoli DOT com

   Globalization Information
   Tivoli NetView v6.0 NLS will be available early Q2 supporting
   Simplified Chinese and Korean.

   Additional Information
   Please access the Product Info section of the MOT for additional
   information o


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