Re: What Cisco MIBs should NetView include?

2000-03-01 15:53:21
Subject: Re: What Cisco MIBs should NetView include?
From: "Joel A. Gerber" <joel.gerber AT USAA DOT COM>
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Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 14:53:21 -0600
In my earlier post I wasn't really thinking much about traps, just MIBs.
There are a lot of Cisco traps that we have defined that even a CiscoView
install does not provide.  Again, instead of listing them all, here's an
"extract" of our trapd.conf file (it's not too big, about 50KB):

I deleted all of the non-Cisco traps, except for a few of the "public" traps
that Cisco supports.  Some of the traps are customized for our environment,
e.g. they have EVENT_CLASS statements to match our TEC definitions.  I'm not
sure that all of the traps are defined exactly the same as the Cisco MIB has
them defined.  I hope at least some of these can be included in NetView.

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- San Antonio, TX
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From:   James Shanks [SMTP:James_Shanks AT TIVOLI DOT COM]
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Subject:        What Cisco MIBs should NetView include?

Hello everyone -

I have been asked by development what Cisco MIBs (V1 versions) should be
to the /usr/OV/snmp_mibs directory in NetView to make it more useful to the
broad range of customers.  Right now, as you know, the only Cisco MIB
with NetView is the 1992 draft version which outlines their products,
/usr/OV/snmp_mibs/cisco.  Not very useful.

Since just about everybody with Cisco routers (and who doesn't have them?)
more MIBs and runs mib2trap to define a bunch of Cisco traps, some bright
(finally) thought we could make life easier by simply including them with
NetView product, especially since we are renewing and deepening our
partnership with Cisco.   So we could ask Cisco what they would add, but we
don't want just their opinion.  We want yours.

Anybody care to provide a list of which ones they would like to see
If you want to send along a copy of the MIB, please do, but don't send that
the list because of space considerations.  You can send those to me
james.shanks AT tivoli DOT com


James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX and NT) L3 Support

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