NV-L home moving to TKG

2000-03-01 00:41:52
Subject: NV-L home moving to TKG
From: NV-L List Owner <nv-l-owner AT tkg DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 23:41:52 -0600
The Kernel Group, Inc. (TKG) is proud to announce that we will begin
hosting the NV-L mailing list for Tivoli NetView starting Sunday,
March 5th.  Besides hosting the mailing list, we will also provide a
web site devoted to the list, with searchable archives of NV-L and
other services.

TKG is a high-expertise consulting company that specializes in
system-management services and products.  Our product line includes
the debugging tools ZeroFault and SCTrace, as well as the upcoming
Bare Metal Restore product that allows the complete restoration of
systems from ADSM/TSM backups.  Our services focus on the deployment
and management of IBM, Tivoli, and TKG products, including SP,
Tivoli Enterprise Console, NetView, ADSM/TSM, HA/CMP and HA/GEO.

Please visit our web site at http://www.tkg.com for more
information, email us at mailto:info AT tkg DOT com, or call us at
800-854-7381 or 512-433-3300.

Please continue to use the current NV-L list until Sunday, March
5th.  The list subscriber databases will be synchronized on March
4th, so current subscribers need not subscribe to the new server.

You should not experience any interruption in service, but you
should be aware of the following differences between the current
LISTSERV list server and our Majordomo server:

  1. Majordomo does not have options like DIGEST/NODIGEST,
     MAIL/NOMAIL, CONCEAL etc.  Instead, the following features
     are implemented:

     Since there is no DIGEST/NODIGEST option on Majordomo, there
     will be two lists: nv-l AT tkg DOT com and nv-l-digest AT tkg DOT com.
     Only digests are sent to the nv-l-digest list.  Existing
     digest subscribers will be automatically subscribed to

     There is no NOMAIL option, so you have to unsubscribe to
     have the same effect.

     Users can't see the other subscribers, so there is no need
     for the CONCEAL option.

     All message subjects sent to the mailing list will have
     [NV-L] in them (instead of the SUBJ/NOSUBJ option).  All
     emails will have a footer which contains the URL for the
     list's web site.

  2. Majordomo does not have searching capabilities, so we will
     provide a web-based search function, which can be reached at
     http://www.tkg.com/search.  Monthly archives very similar to
     LISTSERV's archive format will still be available, using the
     GET, INDEX commands, and more conveniently from
     http://www.tkg.com/nv-l.  All previous archives are

The Kernel Group, Inc.                         http://www.tkg.com

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