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1999-12-30 13:58:40
Subject: Re: Tivoli AIX - Nways (New User)
From: Rob Rinear <robr AT DIRIGO DOT COM>
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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 13:58:40 -0500
Mike - I'm not sure if this is the same "feature" that Leslie is referring
to, but all the IBM devices will have an icon on the interfaces submap
called psmStatusprop.  This icon can often be yellow or red even when all IP
interfaces are up, causing the device to turn yellow.  I believe it is
triggered, as Leslie mentioned, by non-ip events and traps.  In my case,
this customer doesn't care about those, so I have deleted that symbol from
most IBM devices.  I'm not sure the danger in doing so, but it does
eliminate the false (from an IP perspective) yellow symbols.

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Mike, see comments below:


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

I have set up NWAYS and have most of the IBM HUBS/Switches on the IBM HUBS

1) How do I get the other hubs/switches that are not on the IHT map yet to
show up?
> Only devices that have been discovered by Netview will be picked up by
> Nways for inclusion in the Hubs Topology. Further, only hubs with certain
> snmp sysobject ids will be shown there. In my opinion, however, presence
> in the Hubs Topology is moot except for devices managed by the HubManager
> application (8250/60, 8265), since those are the only ones to which the
> HubManager menu applies. The others are more effectively viewed from the
> Nways Device Manager Topology, where they are grouped by device type.
> These too must be discovered by Netview before they are added to the
> topology. To update the nodes in the Hubs Topology,it is sometimes
> necessary to clear the hubs topology (smitty cml, or look under
> on the top menu. To update nodes in the Nways Device topology, there is
> a menu pick under Tools, I think, then IBM Nways.. Refresh.
> See the Netview manuals for information on discovery, if the devices are
> not in the IP Internet topology. Hubs often need to be pinged to be
> You can do that by putting them in the seedfile.

2) Most icons for my switches are yellow or green. When launching NWAYS to
look at the backplane I have some of the icons green with the backplane
yellow ports and vice versa, the icon yellow with all ports green.
> Devices in the Nways Device Topology have a 'feature' you should know
> about. Whenever a trap comes in from one of these, they will turn yellow
> to let you know there is something you should look at. This is not
> reset until you select the device and do an 'Options..Acknowledge'.
> Otherwise, the status will be yellow if there is a port that is enabled
> but unconnected.

     a)  8270-800  shows yellow and has RS232 port yellow all others green,
         can the RS232 port be unmanaged, to get the icon symbol green on
the IHT   map.
> This reflects the actual configured status of the device. You would have
to disable
> the port in real life to have it not be counted. That is an operational
     b)  8272-216 shows green and has RS232 port yellow and other ports 1,
2, 3 show yellow
> Same as above. If those ports are not in use,you could disable them. But
then you would
> have to enable them if you needed them. An operational consideration.
They cannot be,
> to my knowledge, 'unmanaged' solely from the point of view of the
management station.
     c)  Some icons that I have on IHT map, I am unable to drill down into
         backplane, it does not respond with a Nways Management screen at
         could this be a bad NMM card?
> Insufficient information. If it is an 8250/60/65, you should get the big
box view.
> if it is another type of device, you should get the java device manager
view. Look in
> $HOME/nv6000.log for error messages, and look for pop-up error messages.
Check for
> supported microcode levels at the Nways support website
(www.networking.ibm.com will
> get you started). Sometimes a management card needs to be reset, also.
You may need to
> call Nways support for help with this question. They are reached via AIX

Any help on these would be appreciated or point me to the manual location.

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