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1999-12-29 11:26:51
Subject: Re: Tivoli AIX - Nways (New User)
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 11:26:51 -0500
Mike, see comments below:


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

I have set up NWAYS and have most of the IBM HUBS/Switches on the IBM HUBS

1) How do I get the other hubs/switches that are not on the IHT map yet to
show up?
> Only devices that have been discovered by Netview will be picked up by
> Nways for inclusion in the Hubs Topology. Further, only hubs with certain
> snmp sysobject ids will be shown there. In my opinion, however, presence
> in the Hubs Topology is moot except for devices managed by the HubManager
> application (8250/60, 8265), since those are the only ones to which the
> HubManager menu applies. The others are more effectively viewed from the
> Nways Device Manager Topology, where they are grouped by device type.
> These too must be discovered by Netview before they are added to the
> topology. To update the nodes in the Hubs Topology,it is sometimes
> necessary to clear the hubs topology (smitty cml, or look under
> on the top menu. To update nodes in the Nways Device topology, there is
> a menu pick under Tools, I think, then IBM Nways.. Refresh.
> See the Netview manuals for information on discovery, if the devices are
> not in the IP Internet topology. Hubs often need to be pinged to be
> You can do that by putting them in the seedfile.

2) Most icons for my switches are yellow or green. When launching NWAYS to
look at the backplane I have some of the icons green with the backplane
yellow ports and vice versa, the icon yellow with all ports green.
> Devices in the Nways Device Topology have a 'feature' you should know
> about. Whenever a trap comes in from one of these, they will turn yellow
> to let you know there is something you should look at. This is not
> reset until you select the device and do an 'Options..Acknowledge'.
> Otherwise, the status will be yellow if there is a port that is enabled
> but unconnected.

     a)  8270-800  shows yellow and has RS232 port yellow all others green,
         can the RS232 port be unmanaged, to get the icon symbol green on
the IHT   map.
> This reflects the actual configured status of the device. You would have
to disable
> the port in real life to have it not be counted. That is an operational
     b)  8272-216 shows green and has RS232 port yellow and other ports 1,
2, 3 show yellow
> Same as above. If those ports are not in use,you could disable them. But
then you would
> have to enable them if you needed them. An operational consideration.
They cannot be,
> to my knowledge, 'unmanaged' solely from the point of view of the
management station.
     c)  Some icons that I have on IHT map, I am unable to drill down into
         backplane, it does not respond with a Nways Management screen at
         could this be a bad NMM card?
> Insufficient information. If it is an 8250/60/65, you should get the big
box view.
> if it is another type of device, you should get the java device manager
view. Look in
> $HOME/nv6000.log for error messages, and look for pop-up error messages.
Check for
> supported microcode levels at the Nways support website
(www.networking.ibm.com will
> get you started). Sometimes a management card needs to be reset, also.
You may need to
> call Nways support for help with this question. They are reached via AIX

Any help on these would be appreciated or point me to the manual location.

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