Re: seedfile question AIX

1999-12-23 12:21:16
Subject: Re: seedfile question AIX
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 12:21:16 -0500
Ralph, if your seedfile is working for you, stick with it. It may only
be a question of style. Taken by themselves, the only difference I
know of between the [email protected] 0 and the @oid* is the chance
that [email protected] 0 will allow the discovery of things with badly formed
oids, such as you sometimes see on firewalls.

I do have suspicions, based on poorly-recorded notes I took at
an update and observations at a number of customer sites, about the
order of precedence between negative and positive entries of the oid
and address-range types, that lead me to use the [email protected] 0. But you
should not change what is working for you. There is a certain amount
of voodoo involved here.

I think most people do it the way you are doing it. Anyone else?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

Hi, forum!

In a recent posting I found the following...

[email protected] 0             # exclude non-snmp things

Until now I've used something like...

@oid*   # discover SNMP-stuff only, except...
[email protected]          # HP Network Printer
[email protected]          # HP Network Plotter
[email protected]           # Emulex NetQue Version 4.0
[email protected]  # Xerox Document Centre 230ST
[email protected]  # Xerox Document Centre 255ST
[email protected]  # Xerox DocuPrint N24/N32/N40 Network
Laser Printer
[email protected]               # Lexmark Optra SC 1275
[email protected]               # ExtendNet DX
[email protected]            # EFI Fiery Color Printer Server
[email protected]          # Sun X Terminal
[email protected]             # NCD HMXpro24 hmx_x V5.0.202 #33814
[email protected]             # NCD EXPLORApro xpl V5.0.202 #33811
[email protected]       # NT4-Workstation
[email protected]         # Windows 98!? - holy jeezuz!
# AXIS StorPoint CDCD-ROM ServerV4.12 Aug 12 1997
# HP CD-ROM Server compatible,AXIS StorPoint CD CD-ROM Server,Version: 4.26
[email protected]

Question: Should I switch to the "new" version? Do I miss something?
Any info appreciated.

Merry XMas! Ralph Schiffinger.
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