Re: Unknown Object Status

1999-12-15 13:29:38
Subject: Re: Unknown Object Status
From: Brad Martin <bmartin AT METLIFE DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 13:29:38 -0500

We're using 5.1.1 on AIX, I frequently saw this problem when I was discovering
our network.  I eventually got all the symbols to turn the correct color by
running ovtopofix, unmanaging are re-managing the interfaces. I found it was
best to locate the interface on the main map and do it there. If the object
appears in multiple collections, you may need to go to each collection and
repeat the process. Sometimes, I had to correct several icons and then re-run
the ovtopofix before additional symbols could be corrected.  Don't ask me what
caused the problem or why this worked, but once the object / symbols turns red
or green it seems to be fine from there forward.  My guess is that the symbol is
somehow linked to an obsolete hint or bad object id.

Brad Martin

"Steyland White" <smokew AT HOTMAIL DOT COM> on 12/15/99 12:27:55 PM

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Subject:  Re: Unknown Object Status

James -

I can ping and walk the mib from both the command line and the GUI but the
object remains blue (correct).

Steyland White
Resident Network Engineer
Nortel Networks, Inc.
steyland AT nortelnetworks DOT com

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