Re: Command Line Interface for Map Customisation

1999-12-15 12:22:35
Subject: Re: Command Line Interface for Map Customisation
From: Brad Martin <bmartin AT METLIFE DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 12:22:35 -0500

We have a similar situtation and was told there isn't an easy way to do it by
command line. However, I have a short-cut that  has really helped.

I build a collection for the location based on some criteria. (i.e. 'IP Address'
~ '10.200.*.*' or 'Selection Name' ~ '10.200.*.*' etc....)
Once the collection is completed, I open the submap for the collection using the
GUI and select everything.
I then open the main IP map in another window.  If I've been careful to double
click, everything in the collection submap remains selected and will be selected
on the main IP map as well.

I then do an EDIT--> CUT --> FROM THIS SUBMAP and it removes the routers and
sub-networks from the IP main map.
I then drill down into the Location Icon and do an EDIT --> PASTE.

This technique seems to work  well, even if there are symbols for interfaces and
other devices in the collection. Just remember, it is very important to do the
cut from the main IP map and NOT the collection map.

Brad Martin

"SZEWCZYK, Jack" <jszewczyk AT WESTPAC.COM DOT AU> on 12/13/99 09:48:22 PM

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Subject:  Command Line Interface for Map Customisation


My problem:
We have over 1100 branches (as a bank branch) which we will
be polling using Netview servers (typical branch = cisco router+ hub+ NT
server etc) .
I  want to poll only routers and hubs.

If I create a seed file with only a part of
our branch network devices -  "IP Internet" view becomes very "crowded" with
subnet symbols. I am looking for some way of automating a process
of manually moving the IP subnet symbols + devices into appropriate
containers/location symbols. Ideally I would prefer not to use GUI but
to use a comand line which would move let's, say: all devices 10.200.*.* to
location symbol.
Is it possible?
Is it possible to modify object properties in Netview database so the object
gets moved to another view/location?

I know I can run discovery in stages, eg. add some extra nodes to seed file
and re-run "netmon -y". It just desn't seem right ;-)



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