Re: RISC F50 Running AIX 4.3.2 List Hardware CMD

1999-12-15 02:21:43
Subject: Re: RISC F50 Running AIX 4.3.2 List Hardware CMD
From: Vladimir Petr <Petr AT DATASYS DOT CZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 08:21:43 +0100
Hi, Gil;
I use the command "lsdev -C -c memory" which gives the following on my box:
mem0 Available 00-0A 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem1 Available 00-0B 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem2 Available 00-0C 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem3 Available 00-0D 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem4 Available 00-0E 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem5 Available 00-0F 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem6 Available 00-0G 16 MB Memory SIMM
mem7 Available 00-0H 16 MB Memory SIMM

To see the info on the number of processors, try
lsdev -C -c processor
For more details, please see man lsdev and man lsattr.

Hote this helps,
Best regards,

Gil Irizarry wrote:

> Hi All:
>   I have upgrade the hardware on my 7025-F50 and I was wandering if there is 
> way to display the number of DIMMs & value (128,256,ETC). Also I have upgrade 
> the number of CPUs  from 2 to 4. Is there a way to display it as well. I know 
> that, at boot up time this values will be display, but, I would like to do it 
> on demand.. lsdev -? -? or lscfg ?.
> Thanks in advance
> Gil Irizarry

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