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1999-12-09 20:14:33
Subject: Re: Best way to limit discovery
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 20:14:33 -0500
My experience with this has been different. If you also have the negative
address range, you do NOT get stub objects for nodes in those ranges.
The stubs are created for things that might change into something that
is supposed to be discovered, and those stubs are repolled periodically.
Nodes with addresses in the excluded range are not going to change,
so no stubs are created.

If you have NO address exclusion, and use positive oids, then yes, every
address discovered will result in a stub that gets checked daily to see if
it's oid has changed to something acceptable.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking


Be very careful in using OID's in your seed file.  When an OID is contained
in a
seed file, NetView will create a stub object in your database for EACH and
device it finds on your network.  These objects are not real objects, but a
of a marker telling NetView not to consider that device again in
Still, depending on the size of your network, you are talking about a very
database just to keep all those stubs lying around.

If your going to use OID's, you might as well use only OID's.  That way,
will only discover the OID's in your seed file, and you don't have to worry
about IP address ranges at all.

But what I would do is try and document your hubs and add them manually
the loadhosts command.  We have found that if you can't define a range of
addresses for a particular type of object, it is a big hassle trying to
keep the
NetView database clean of extraneous devices.

Art DeBuigny
Bank of America Network Operations
debuigny AT dallas DOT net
art.debuigny AT bankofamerica DOT com

"Brunke, Jim (FUSA)" wrote:

> We are building a Netview server which will exclusively manage routers,
> switches and hubs on our network - and I need some advice on the best way
> setup for initial discovery.
> We have build a seedfile which contains an entry for each our routers &
> switches.  The first 5 address of a subnet is reserved for router
> so we limit discovery of other nodes in the network (servers and
> workstations) by excluding all other addresses, ie:
> !167.85.*.6-254
> !168.118.*.6-254
> One problem is that we do not have a well defined list of IP addresses
> all of the hubs on the network.  They are a combination of Cisco and Bay
> hubs.  Could I also add two @OID entries into the seedfile to discover
> nodes?  I know if you list an snmp reachable IP address in the seedfile,
> will ignore the ! range exclusion and discover the node.  Does the @OID
> similarly?
> Thanks, in advance

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