Re: NetView TMR --> ManagedNode

1999-12-08 10:49:39
Subject: Re: NetView TMR --> ManagedNode
From: Ken Garst <Ken.Garst AT KP DOT ORG>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 07:49:39 -0800
If your problem is that the NetView server icon with balloons does not appear 
in an appropriate policy region after the install of the framework and NetView, 
then simply issue the following command:

wln @NetViewServer:<server_label @PolicyRegion:<policy_region_label
wrefresh @PolicyRegion:<policy_region_label>

This is documented in the TME10 NetView V5R1 Release Notes, pg.31.

In fact, I have installed Framework 3.6.1, NetView 5.1.2 in a 2-node cascading 
HACMP 4.3 cluster under AIX 4.3.3.  I say this because I have never made the 
NetView host a managed node nor the failover node a managed node before the 
NetView install.  As a result, I have had to run the above commands to get the 
Netview server icon to appear to Tivoli as a managed node.

ken.garst AT kp DOT org

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