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1999-12-07 14:15:46
Subject: Re: Cisco bitmaps...
From: Matthias Widmann <mwidmann AT DEBIS DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 20:15:46 +0100
Hi Gord,

You have to provide you these bitmaps to you client, for example copy them to
you Netview Client machine
or create an NFS-mount for /usr/OV/bitmaps/C.

You have to make information about symbols accesable for the client also
Again a NFS-mount should work also.

Information about OID_to_symbol OID_to_type is stored in /usr/OV/conf/ and
/usr/OV/conf/C which are
mounted by default if you're using NFS-Clients.

Then you have to run ovw- config and ovw -config on your client machine!

Hope this works for you,


Matthias Widmann
debis (Services by DaimlerChrysler)

Gord Michaels schrieb:

> Hello All.
> I have a Netview Server (5.1.1) running on AIX 4.2.1. I have CiscoWorks 4.0
> installed also. Thus, on my server, I have all of the Cisco device specific
> bitmps present for my Cisco devices. Thus, a 3600 series router has a '3600
> bitmap icon'.
> However, none of my Netview Clients has these.
> Can someone tell me the best way to provide my Clients with these proper
> bitmaps, i.e.:
> 1. I cannot locate them within /usr/OV/bitmaps/C. Are they somewhere else?
> 2. I am assuming when I find them, I just copy them into the Client's
> /usr/OV/bitmaps/C directory. What config files must I modify and commands
> must I run once they are transferred over?
> If anyone has had to do this before, any advice appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Gord Michaels.
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