Netview and NAT

1999-12-03 04:49:17
Subject: Netview and NAT
From: Frederic Mottiat <frederic_mottiat AT BE.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 10:49:17 +0100

First let me thank you for your numerous answers about map copying. We'll need
to check with this customer how he can change his whole procedure.

I have found this post in the internal IBM Netview forum. As it still didn't get
any answers or comments and I think this question is quite interesting, please
let me ask it on behalf of the original sender.


I am investigating the possibility of using Network Address Translation
to allow management of multiple networks with overlapping (unregistered)
IP address space. I am curious how the NV discovery process will behave
when using NAT to map the addresses to registered ones (1-to-1, no pool).

What will happen if we put a registered address in the seedfile and let
NV discover the system? The answer to the SNMP get request during the
discovery will only contain interfaces with unregistered addresses, and
will NOT contain the registered address it sent the SNMP request to, so
will NV still add an interface with the registered address to the node?

Because of the overlap in the unregistered address space of the networks
NV will discover (through the SNMP get request) duplicate unregistered
addresses (although it cannot ping them). Earlier experiences with
NV4 and NV5.0 have made clear that this means that the entire node
with the duplicate address (not just the offending interface) is not
added to the object database, or, when the node does get added, it leads
to database corruption. Has this been improved in NV5.1?

Does anybody have any experience with these issues?

Best regards,

Frederic Mottiat

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