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1999-11-30 19:24:04
Subject: Re: Strange Cisco traps....
From: Duane Waddle <waddle1 AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 18:24:04 -0600
The Cisco is sending a trap for when it closes a TCP connection -- like a
telnet, or similar.  I'll bet that if you telnet to your routers and logout
repeatedly, these traps will be numerous.  Also, DLSW uses TCP for its
services, probably leading to more traps related to this.

So far, I have not found a way to turn this off, short of disabling ALL


Duane Waddle
waddle1 AT us.ibm DOT com
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"Fendrick, Gib (CC-MIS)" <Gib.Fendrick AT CONAGRA DOT COM> on 11/30/99 04:55:57 

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Subject:  Re: Strange Cisco traps....

I am new to Netview/AIX and still learning the system, so I don't know much
about the internals flow of events/traps through the system.  I've seen a
similar situation receiving this trap, but it seems to process correctly.

I am also receiving many 'tcpConnectionClose' traps from two of my
core/central switches and one core router.  No one has figured out why yet.
The first time this started happening, our Cisco engineer stopped the traps
by shutting off those snmptraps in the switch and router involved, i.e.
didn't fix it, just stopped forwarding the traps to NetView.  Recently we
moved one of our central DLSW peers over to a new 7204 Cisco router, and
another switch started generating many of the 'tcpConnectionClose' traps.
Still, no one knows why.  But we ASSUME it has something to do with the

To your question on the SNMP MIB ID.  We had no problem here.  The trap was
defined in the Cisco enterprise, and the trap event was
displayed correctly in the event display.  To temporarily keep the event
the event display, I went in to the Options-->Event Configuration-->Trap
Customization:  SNMP... and selected the CISCO enterprise, then selected
Cisco_tcpConnectClose event, and modified it to 'log only' to keep the
off the event display.   It sounds to me like you have this same Enterprise
defined on your system and it also contained this event, but the event is
not displaying correctly in your event window.  I have no idea why your
system wouldn't match up the incoming trap to the event defined.  Hopefully
someone else with more trap experience can help, otherwise Tivoli tech

If you ever find out why the tcpConnectionClose traps are being generated,
let us know.

Gib Fendrick

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                Hello All.

                My config is: Netview 5.1.1 and AIX 4.2.1.

                I have placed the loopback address of all my routers in my
seedfile. They
                have been
                discovered no problem.

                I keep receiving many "tcpConnectionClose" traps from
individual IP
                Interfaces on
                my Cisco routers. The strange thing is that these traps
belong to


                Now, I used the cisco addtrap script to add a known cisco
traps to my
                trapd.conf file.
                But, there was no Enterprise with this ID.

                However, in the Enterprise, this trap did
exist?? This seems
                very strange.
                Anyway, I had to edit this Enterpirse ( and
change it (and all
                individual trap definitions within trapd.conf) to

                Something seems very wrong with having to do this. Has
anyone ever came
                accross this
                problem before??

                Any info appreciated.


                Gord Michaels.

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