Forwarding events to CA-Unicenter

1999-11-30 18:15:38
Subject: Forwarding events to CA-Unicenter
From: "Fendrick, Gib (CC-MIS)" <Gib.Fendrick AT CONAGRA DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:15:38 -0600
Environment is Netview/AIX 5.1.1

My question:  Is anyone using NetView/AIX rules and correlation to process
network event and traps, and subsequently forwarding specific traps to

We use Netview to monitor the network, and use CA-Unicenter as our focal
point for enterprise events.  Unicenter is to correlate events from Netview,
BMC Patrol, and other platform managers and does the paging, sends e-mail,
and opens problem tickets.  To Initially get  started using Unicenter
sending out network event pages, we set up the trapd configuration option in
Netview to forward specific traps to our Unicenter host.  Then in NetView,
Options--> Event Configuration-->Trap Customization:  SNMP... we configured
specific  traps/events for be forwarded.  We forwarded events like NetView
interface up/down and some selected Cisco traps.  Now we want to get more
sophisticated in our process, and establish some rules and correlation in
NetView so we can forward one event to Unicenter rather than multiple, or
don't forward any event if a device responds on the next Netview poll cycle.

>From my reading and experimenting, forward traps the way we currently do, it
looks like the trap gets forwarded before nvcorrd rules are invoked.  Thus
we have no way to apply rules or correlation before the event is forwarded
to Unicenter.  Plus we would like to modify events to tell Unicenter the
severity level of the problem, so it can either page or just send an e-mail
to support.  We are now looking at alternate ways to accomplish this.  Any

Gib Fendrick

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