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1999-11-30 15:04:49
Subject: Re: Netview on a large screen display
From: "Mull, John" <jmull AT HERSHEYS DOT COM>
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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:04:49 -0500

For some which may feel the netview map at the help desk is a "dog and pony
show".  Here are a few quick examples on how a large screen netview map has
helped our Help Desk.

1.)  Remote site has frame relay outage.  By viewing the netview map the
help desk can see the interfaces for the frame down.  If the vendor calls to
say they have fixed the problem and the interfaces are still red, then the
help desk agent has the knowledge
to go back to vendor with information the problem still exists.

2.) Late night call, no one at remote site, power outage many components in
Help Desk can be the eyes of the remote staff admin whom may be at home to
determine what critical devices are down and which ones are up.

Thirdly the more information and knowledge you provide to your help desk
staff the happier they may be in the long run, and eventually be trained to
move into the higher technical area.

my .02 cents

John Mull
Information Technology & Integration
Process Technologist, Enterprise Systems Management
Hershey Foods Corp.
email:jmull AT hersheys DOT com

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Subject: Netview on a large screen display

This is a non technical question for the group. Our helpdesk has requested
that we set up a largescreen display that would display  the Netview map so
the help desk people would be able to see when a network node turned red.
the question is simply , has anyone out there tried this type of setup ,
and was it of any benefit?

thanks  ahead of time for any replies.