Re: SNMP Polling

1999-11-23 03:50:45
Subject: Re: SNMP Polling
From: David Barnwell <David.Barnwell AT AEXP DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 01:50:45 -0700
NOTE: that the ovsnmp.conf file is now a shadow file however you can achieve
what you want to do my using

xnmsnmpconf -export >temp_config

To get the current entries of the ovsnmp database into temp_config, which you
can then edit and then replace the ovsnmp database with the new entries using

xnmsnmpconf - import   <temp_config

The man page for xnmsnmpconf gives more information


From:   rdearm1%[email protected] on 22/11/99 23:10 MST
To:     NV-L%[email protected]
cc:      (bcc: David Barnwell)
Subject:        SNMP Polling

I need to monitor a couple hundred snmp device most with different community
names.  Instead of adding each one manually through the GUI.  Can I edit the
/usr/OV/conf/ovsnmp.conf file and add the entries here then restart netmon
and it will update the configuration for these devices.  The ovsnmp.conf
file states not to edit it directly but this seems to be the quickest way to
add many entries.


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