Re: NetView for AIX Service Point is obsolete in some respects

1999-11-22 17:18:09
Subject: Re: NetView for AIX Service Point is obsolete in some respects
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Subject: NetView for AIX Service Point is obsolete in some respects

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Subject:  NetView for AIX Service Point is obsolete in some respects


As the original designer for AIX Service Point (about ten years ago in a
previous incarnation as an IBM employee) , I've noticed that NetView for
added a couple new functions last April which reduce the need for my baby.
new function get rid of the need for SNA Services to interconnect 390 and
AIX in
order to forward events and topology.

The NV390 Event Adapter Service now contains a Trap-to-Alert conversion
will listen on the IP internet for traps (default to port 162).  This
the need for TRALERTD daemon of the service point.

NetView for OS/390 MultiSystem Manager for IP (runs on the AIX system) in
conjunction with NetView for Unix will forward traps and topology to a
designated target, presumably NV390 and MSM, via IP.  Prior to April 1999 it
needed the Service Point for AIX for the connection.  Since MSM IP can't
Port 162 with the SNMP service you also have a datagram redirecter supplied
NV390.  (Otherwise, if you don't want topology just forward the traps from
via SNMP.)

The MSM solution also allows commands be executed at the NetView for Unix
system.  I'm implementing all this at the moment at a client location so my
knowledge is still academic.  Documentation is in the README directory on
CDROM shipped with NetView for OS/390 V1R2 LK3T-9614-02.  Executables are
elsewhere on that disk.

Sic transit gloria mundi.  RIP Service Point.

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