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1999-11-22 11:40:06
Subject: Re: Certification Test #681
From: Indy Chakrabarti <indy.chakrabarti AT ewllc DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:40:06 -0600
I recently took and passed the test you are talking about. The sample test
and objectives are a good indication of the test. The test does a great job
covering all the bases so there is no 1 place that is best to study. You
definitely have to know the PIG. Perhaps the biggest gotcha is, know the
command line for all the all major functions. They will give you a command
line command with a bunch of flags and ask you what it does, or ask you
which of the following commands will do x. It's definitely a challenging
test is you didn't study. But on the otherhand if you know the materials in
the books you can sail through it.

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Subject: Certification Test #681

I'm trying to prepare for Test #681 - Tivoli Framework V3.6 Implementation
and could use any insight available
from those of you who have taken the test. I'm mostly interested in the
1. Is the sample test provided on the web a good indication on the types of
questions are on the real exam?
2. Are the test objectives on the web accurate with what to expect?
2. What is the best study material? Classbooks, The PIG, Reference manual,
Users guide or all of them?


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