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1999-11-11 06:40:20
Subject: Re: root cause analysis
From: "Fältman, Mikael" <mifal AT WMDATA DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:40:20 +0100
A new kid on the block.

If you are serious about root cause analysis then you also understand that
to be able to do
that kind of analysis you must know the network topology not only at Layer-3
(IP) but also
at layer-2 !
Having problem with customer using same IP addresses ?
( When will Netview be able to handle inofficial IP addresses and NAT ) ??
Never I think.

If you have a network that is constaly changing you also must have processes
that follows this
changes and update the topology in a good way.

It is not very good to base SLA reporting on what you can (can't) ping every
15 minutes (or so).
So to be able to extract SLA material (unavailability, quality and
utilization) you must be able to correlate
traps(rmon), syslog messages (cisco) and snmp polling.
If you have a "tree structure" in the network then you want to be able to
report the time when you couldn't
monitor nodes beyond the failure - unaccounted time.

The only product I've seen how claims to do this i OpenRiver from RiverSoft.
A next generation of Network Management tools.
Very impressive !
Discovery uses pnni, cdp and so on to discover ATM structure, Cisco networks
and VLAN structures.

Take a look at http://www.riversoft.com and say what you think.

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> Subject:      Re: root cause analysis
> Check out Tavve Software eventWatch product.  It's excellent (and best of
> all is web based)!
> http://www.tavve.com
> I use it and found it to be invaluable.
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> >>> "Dearman, Richard" <rdearm1 AT UIC DOT EDU> 11/09 4:19 PM >>>
>         Is there a simple method to do root cause analysis in netview
> without purchasing the Tivoli Manager for Network Connectivity product.
> Brian

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