Re: Measuring with NetView (NT topology database)

1999-11-11 06:31:26
Subject: Re: Measuring with NetView (NT topology database)
From: "Nochta, Zoltan" <nochta AT COOPERATION-MANAGEMENT DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:31:26 +0100
Hi Leslie & All,
We store our datas in MS Access, this can be optionally choosed under NT.
(The other way would be MS SQL db)
So, the *.mdb files are placed in /ov/databases/odbc.
There are 3 mdb files: tess_db, snmpcollect_db and topo2sql_db.
In the file tess_db are many tables such like the events and a lot of other
The topo2sql file has three empty tables.
I think the measured parameters must be stored in the third snmpcollect
file, which is a big one and frequently refreshed.
The problem is, that I'm not able to open this file with MS-Access.
I tried it as local and domain admin and with the local NetView account to.
The netview service was stopped and no other users were connected so the
file was 100% closed. Access says I don't have the rights to open or convert
this file. But I can open and convert etc. the 2 other files.
Has anybody an idea, how to resolve this problem?
I didn't found anything in the docs.

                                Thanks for help, Zoltan

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> From: Leslie Clark [mailto:lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM]
> Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 4:44 AM
> Subject: Re: Measuring with NetView (NT topology database)
> Zoltan, did you figure this out? I'm not worth much on the NT
> version, but
> I
> thought it kept the topology, realtime, in a database just as
> it does the
> events.
> It is a diffrent dataset than the events, though. I believe
> the status is
> kept with
> the topology.  Ask again if this is not right or it is not
> what you are
> looking for.
> Cordially,
> Leslie A. Clark
> IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
> Dear Forumers,
> I hope the question is not to basic...
> Is there any possibility to monitor and to save (in a
> database) the current
> state (e.g. every 5 min.) of net-components with NetView? I
> can see only
> the
> events in my database, which is at the moment MS-Access.
> I needed this to report the status of the systems.
>                         Thanks for help, Zoltan

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