Re: Help with TEC and Rule Editor-plenty of details I hope

1999-11-08 17:39:45
Subject: Re: Help with TEC and Rule Editor-plenty of details I hope
From: Scott Hammons <SHammons AT MCBRIDE DOT COM>
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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 15:39:45 -0700
There is couple of good redbooks you can get from the tivoli site that may
help.  The first is the NetView for Windows NT and Using NetView for AIX Ver
4.  You might be able to find some good examples that you can adapt and use
on the Solaris platform.

Scott Hammons
McBride and Associates, Inc.

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Subject: Help with TEC and Rule Editor-plenty of details I hope

First of all, I know I will get this in Netview for NT V. 6.0, but I can't
I am running Netview 5.1.2 for NT in my production environment.  I want to
forward events that are generated from a particular SmartSet (Collection for
those of you using the Unix version).  I installed Netview for Unix 5.1.2 on
Sun Ultra10 in order to get the RuleBuilder so I could create the rule and
it to the NT box.

So, I have a 2 node TMR one is the TMR and TEC server and the other node is
Netview server.  Everything is running TME 3.6.1 and the Netview box is
I have based what I want to accomplish from reading "The Managed View,
1998, Vol 2, Issue 3" article "Achieving a Balanced NetView-to-TEC
Automating the Forwarding of NetView Events to the TEC."  All the steps are
pretty much there step for step.

I have created a rule to forward the netview enterprise trap for
node_up(IBM_NVNUP_EV) and node_down (IBM_NVNDWN_EV) to TEC if the trap is
received from a node that belongs to a Collection called CriticalServers.  I
built the Collection with the CollectionEditor and put in 6 specific nodes.

So in the rulebuilder gui, the rule looks like:

[Event Stream] --> [Trap Settings] --> [NV Collection Query] --> [Forward]

I have saved the rule and configured NetView to forward the events.  I even
setup a dynamic workspace using the new rule to monitor the events coming in
NetView.  This isn't working.  I have physically remove the cable from the
interface and Netview tells me the node is down in the map, but not in the
dynamic workspace.

If I remove from the rule, the NV Collection Query, then I get events from
nodes satisfying the trap in the dynamic workspace as well as my TEC
which at this point is many.


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