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1999-11-08 12:21:38
Subject: Re: Frame Relay
From: "Smith, Kristi" <Kristi_Smith AT MENTORG DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 09:21:38 -0800
I believe this trap is associated with enterprise which is
the RFC1315-Frame Relay MIB.  The event we have defined for this reads:
"Frame Relay DLCI $2 Status Change (FR Trap 1) n\Interface Index $1
\nCircuit State $3 \n Where 1=invalid, 2=active, 3=inactive."

This event by itself indicates a problem with the frame-relay cloud and
specifically the listed DLCI.  It doesn't necessarily mean a problem with
the serial interface.

Hope this helps.

Kristi Smith
Mentor Graphics Corporation
(503) 685-1971
kristi_smith AT mentorg DOT com

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Subject: Frame Relay

NetView for NT

Would this trap indicate a physical problem on the serial interface of the
or is it an LMI status request from the router to the DLCI?
It makes me think it is the router serial interface since it's DTE.
Where can I reference the meanings of the Index and State?

frDLCIStatusChange:trap received from enterprise frame-relay-dte
with 3 arguments:  frCircuitIfIndex=3;  frCircuitDlci=100;  frCircuitState=3



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