Discovery of Cisco 12000-series routers

1999-08-16 16:36:09
Subject: Discovery of Cisco 12000-series routers
From: "Cochran, Steve A." <steve AT MORE DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:36:09 -0500

We have added some Cisco 12008 routers to our backbone recently
and I have been having difficulty getting NetView to discover
them.  I wanted to see if anyone on this list had had a similar problem.  I
added these routers to the seed file but netmon
never discovered them.  I've attemped to add them manually, but
when I do so only the loopback interface and the ethernet interface
are discovered.  The ATM subinterfaces of the router are never found.

Another interesting point is that I am unable to demand poll the
routers which I have added manually.  Selecting the device on the
map and using Test->Demand Poll usually results in the message
"***** Node 'nodename' not found, demand poll skipped *****" (where nodename
is the name of the router).  Then again, sometimes it works
fine.  I've not yet determined a pattern of when it works and when
it does not.  When a demand poll does occur on a 12008 the messages
show that each interface, including the subinterfaces, are found
and pinged.  However, the subinterfaces never show in the device's
IP Map.  I can reliably ping the node via the GUI, use the
SNMP browser on it, and do pretty much anything else other than a demand
poll.  The selection name for the device is in DNS and
resolves properly.

I've looked through the interfaces MIB and the IP MIB, comparing
the replies of the 12008 to those of our Cisco 7500-series routers
(on which ATM subinterfaces are discovered correctly).  I did find
a few differences but I'm not sure why they would cause this problem.
The 12008 has 2 entries in the interfaces.ifTable for each subinterface, one
for the subinterface (with an ifDescr description
like "ATM0/0.100-atm subif") and one for the AAL5 layer (with an
ifDescr like "ATM0/0.100-aal5 layer").  The ifType of the
ATM subinterface entries is number 134, which is listed as "atmSubInterface"
by IANA but does not appear in the oid_to_protocol
file in NetView.  I added it, and also updated the enum field for
this in the snmp_fields file.  The other difference is that the IP
addresses in the ipAddrTable for the 12008 references the ifIndex of
the subinterface in the interfaces table, where the entries for
subinterfaces in the 7500-series routers points to the ifIndex of
the associated physical interface.  This is perfectly sensable.

Anyway, is anyone successfully managing a Cisco 12000 with NetView?
If so, how?

BTW, I'm running NetView 5.1.1 on AIX 4.2.1.  The 12008 routers are
running IOS 11.2.15.

Thanks in advance,


Steve Cochran      (573)884-7200        steve AT more DOT net
MOREnet Network Systems Group      http://www.more.net

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