Multiple router symbols

1999-08-13 12:44:06
Subject: Multiple router symbols
From: "Pretorius, Vynita" <VPretorius AT FNB.CO DOT ZA>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:44:06 +0200
Hi All

I have Netview AIX 5.1 on AIX 4.2.1
The problem I have is when netview discovers a router it creates a symbol
for the loopback address which is in the host table and then creates router
symbols for the interfaces.

If should create a symbol with the name of the loopback address and when
double clicking on to the router you should see the interfaces, but this is
not the case and we are seeing multiple routers instead of just one.

Please could someone help to resolve this issue.

Vynita Pretorius

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