Re: SNMP get

1999-08-05 13:06:40
Subject: Re: SNMP get
From: Bob Natale <bnatale AT ACECOMM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 13:06:40 -0400
Hi Marcel,

>I am trying to get back the server up time from a netware4.11
>server via snmp but I get an error, what is the correct command????

Presumably the nwSysServerUpTime variable is a *scalar* object...
in which case:

>I have tried:
>[email protected]:~$ snmpget -h clhs1 .
>[[email protected]]# snmp get -d -h clhs1 .

...will not work...you need to append a ".0" instance identifier
(always ".0" for scalar objects) as the terminating subid of the
OID (i.e.,

Scalar objects are those MIB objects not defined as columnar
objects (i.e., in a table), for which of course there can
only be a single instance (.0).


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