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1999-08-04 10:48:18
Subject: Re: Viewing trap variables...
From: "Boyles, Gary P" <gary.p.boyles AT INTEL DOT COM>
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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 07:48:18 -0700
What you see in the trapd.log can be configured just like anything else.
Usually its just set to "$3".

What's in the bindings is up to the person who developed the agent.
You can send the same type of trap with bindings by using the "snmptrap"
program.  You can have anything in there... that's the beauty!

If you want to see exactly what is in the trap... compile the example
program "rectrap"  (recieve-trap).

Another way would be to have as an automatic action somehing like

echo "$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6" >> /usr/OV/my.log"

You may have to put in the full-path for echo (but I'd try it without 1st).


Gary Boyles

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Subject: Viewing trap variables...

Hello All.

What is the best way in which to view all of the info sent with a trap?

I have been looking at the trapd.log file but that does not seem to have the
variable bindings listed.

Also, when a trap is received, are the variable bindings are the items
listed as [1], [2], etc. ??

And finally, from what I understand, these bindings are nothing more than
MIB variables from the device sending the trap??

Any info appreciated.


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