1999-06-30 12:15:42
Subject: NVF511_ALIDB_after.error
From: Wolfgang Hahn <WHAHN AT DE.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 18:15:42 +0200
The installation of the TME10 Netview Framework 5.1 to 5.1.1 Patch
generates a NVF511_ALIDB_after.error file in the /tmp directory. I would
have expected to find a NVF511_ALIDB_after.debug file.  There was no other
error reported during the installation; the exit  code is 0.  Is this a
known problem?  Can I continue with the TME10  Netview Server V5.1.1 Patch
installation without hesitation that this might result in follow-on errors?
We are running AIX 4.2.1  (4210-04 Level), Framework 3.6.1 and  Netview 5.1

+ + wlookup NameRegistry
+ export NameRegistry
+ TNR=1296118488.1.26
+ export TNR
+ + wlookup Library
+ export Library
+ CLO=1296118488.1.14#TMF_SysAdmin::Library#
+ export CLO
+ [ -z  ]
+ + wlookup InterfaceRepository
+ export InterfaceRepository
+ idlattr -s -t 1296118488.1.4 replace_mode boolean TRUE
+ initpres NetViewServer -pres-name -put dialog d_2_2 TMF/NETVIEW/d_2_2.d
dialog d_2_5 TMF/NETVIEW/d_2_5.d dialog d_3_2_6 TMF/NETVIEW/d_3_2_6.d
dialog d_4_10 TMF/NETVIEW/d_4_10.d dialog d_4_11_3 TMF/NETVIEW/d_4_11_3.d
dialog d_5_5_3 TMF/NETVIEW/d_5_5_3.d
+ set -e
+ initpres NetViewClient -pres-name -put dialog d_200_1
TMF/NETVIEW/d_200_1.d dialog d_400_1 TMF/NETVIEW/d_400_1.d dialog d_400_3
TMF/NETVIEW/d_400_3.d dialog d_500_5_2 TMF/NETVIEW/d_500_5_2.d dialog
d_500_5_3 TMF/NETVIEW/d_500_5_3.d
+ set -e
+ set +e
+ xargs rm -f
+ 0< /tmp/sh22208.1
+ xargs rmdir
+ 0< /tmp/sh22208.2
+ exit 0

Kind Regards,
Wolfgang Hahn,  IBM Entwicklung GmbH

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