nameserver returned duplicate name...

1999-06-25 13:40:32
Subject: nameserver returned duplicate name...
From: OGrant <OGrant AT PEC DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:40:32 -0400
Platform: Netview 5.1/NT 4.0, sp3

This one's under the heading of "annoying, not fatal" - I'm receiving the
following Netview-internal trap: "nameserver returned duplicate name
xxx.xxx.0.50 for interface xxx.xxx.96.1; interface xxx.xxx.96.1 will be
deleted" - netview points to a router as the being the source of the
problem, although I'm receiving the same trap from other devices (windows
workstations, etc.)  Over several days' time, netview has generated this
trap from the router *11,000+* times.

Issue: we're running WINS on our NT network, not DNS (the term "nameserver"
suggesting DNS - correct?)

Obviously a conflict occuring here - I've checked practically the entire
network for an occurance of xxx.xxx.0.50, but none have appeared (thought
being that a rougue device was once configured with this ip address, but
then never properly re-configured -- perhaps it's continuing to broadcast
this address somehow.)
Checked my local hosts file, and removed all references to the router, and
address xxx.xxx.96.1. - problem persisted, ruling out a local name
resolution error.
This Cisco 3620 router itself is properly configured with an interface of
96.1 - furthermore, a "show snmp" confirms that Netview, not the router
itself, is generating the trap.

- For those who've experienced a similiar problem, is this a symptom of a
WINS database somehow being hosed/corrupted?  Even though the router's
obviously not a WINS client, I checked both primary and secondary WINS
servers on the off-chance...both appear clean.

I've even gone so far to run Etherpeek on my Netview server to do some
packet-level analysis and hopefully gather some clues as to the source, but
so far - nothing.

Any ideas?  A Netview/NT bug, perhaps? (I know, I know - upgrade to 5.1.1.
But that's a another story.)

Oliver Grant
Performance Engineering Corporation

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