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1999-06-23 15:39:01
Subject: Re: Security Problem/Question...
From: "Owens, Blaine C" <bowens AT EASTMAN DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 15:39:01 -0400
Are they using the "netview" command to launch?  You can have your opers
enter "netview -ro" and they should always get a read-only map (whether they
are first or not). I set up our operators mouse buttons so they would always
launch with the -ro option (via a script), that way I always get the read
write map (Greedy me :-))

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> Subject:      Security Problem/Question...
> Hello All.
> I am running Netview 5.1, AIX 4.2.1, Framework 3.6.
> In my environment, I use DCE. I have myself set up as a 'SrAdmin' user
> within Netview and my Operators under the 'oper' group.
> My Operators log into their AIX account and then Netview (oper group).
> Then, I log into my AIX account (not root, but I have given Map ownership
> to
> my AIX userid) and then into Netview under SrAdmin.
> Now, after this, I have only read permissions and none of the privilages
> which come with SrAdmin (i.e. I cannot unmanage devices, change symbols
> It seems as if whoever logs into Netview first, get read/write and full
> SrAdmin privilages. Whoever logs in after this, gets read only and oper
> permissions, regardless of what group they belong to. I have to test this
> yet, but from memory, it seems to be what is happening. Regardless, then
> end
> result is not the way it should be.
> Has anyone ever seen this before ???
> Any help/advice appreciated.
> Gord Michaels.
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