Re: Multi-CPU support for Windows NT

1999-06-23 09:54:17
Subject: Re: Multi-CPU support for Windows NT
From: Xu He <xuhe AT YAHOO DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 06:54:17 -0700
It's my understanding that neither the Netview Server
nor client software will utilize more than one
processor.  However, if you have other apps, like IIS,
or SQL Server, running on the same box, they will uses
the other processors .  Unfortunately, I only have one
processor in my server, and I have not had the
opportunity to test this theory.

Hope this helps
Xu He

--- Frederic Mottiat <frederic_mottiat AT BE.IBM DOT COM>
> Hello,
> What is the official and definitive statement of
> Tivoli regarding the
> support of Tivoli Netview V5.1 on multi-CPU Windows
> NT 4 platforms ?
> The release notes says that multi-CPU config is not
> supported in a
> "client-server" environment (page 45).
> Does this mean multi-CPU is not support only in a
> NetView Server + NetView
> client configuration (BTW, is it then on the server
> or on the client).
> Can anyone clarify this for me ?
> Thank you in advance
> Frederic Mottiat - IBM Global Services (PSS-SMNS)

Xu He
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