AW: How to generate /etc/hosts from netv

1999-06-16 10:31:00
Subject: AW: How to generate /etc/hosts from netv
From: Schiffinger Ralph 2100 <Ralph.Schiffinger AT ERSTEBANK DOT AT>
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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 16:31:00 +0200
quick shot:
build a collection with something like...

[[email protected]:/home/root]> nvUtil g FUDEL
Collection: FUDEL
        Description: Fudel-Collection
        Rule: ((('isSNMPSupported' = True) && (!('isPrinter' = True))) && 
(!('SNMPAgent' = 'HP Network Printer')))
[[email protected]:/home/root]>

run a script like...

for whatshisname in `nvUtil l FUDEL`
gethost.txt(see below)  $whatshisname  >>/tmp/hosts.new

[[ gethost.txt : 3642 In gethost.txt ]]  

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Betreff:        How to generate /etc/hosts from netview

Is their a tool availabel to build /etc/hosts based on Netview/6000
database .
My customer has generated /etc/hosts using  traps and rulleset to do
snmpget for the host .
Yet , this 3000 lines /etc/hots has caused netmon and ovtopomd to kill the
cpu .
Anybody has a better tool ?
Thanks Dror

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