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1999-06-02 12:43:29
Subject: Re: SDK for AIX
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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 12:43:29 -0400
Reggie Rama
Nedcor IT wrote:

What I would like to know is that has anybody used a SDK to develop
MIB's/agent S/W for the AIX environment. We are busy developing our own
app's and would like to instrument them using SNMP for things alerts/traps &
statistics. Has anybody any idea of a SDK  for this purpose.


We purchased for $10k the binary copy of the SNMP Toolkit from BMC (this toolkit
used to be known as the Peer subagent) and developed our own customizable
subagent using the toolkit that monitors up to 100 named processes (up/down, cpu
and memory usage) on any AIX host.

The customizable subagent has a configuration file that it reads on startup that
can be edited to add/delete any named AIX process to be monitored, the monitor
interval and an alarm threshold for cpu or memory usage.  The customizable
subagent generates its own traps and has a 256-character field to hold
instructions which operators should follow when the trap is received in NetView.
I also configurated NetView to fire off popup windows when these traps come in
showing the instructions for the operators to perform.

Unfortunately, this was compiled under AIX 4.2.1 and fails to run under AIX
4.3.2 (be warned that all is not happiness with executable code under different
AIX versions).  As yet we have not purchased the C-compile for AIX 4.3.2 to
resolve this yet.  BMC Help Desk said the problem is that in AIX 4.1/4.2 (and
earlier versions) there is  a file /usr/include/sys/limits.h that specifies
several parameters for compiled application programs, in particular OPEN_MAX =
2000 (default value) which is the number of file descriptors allowed per

AIX 4.3 has NO /usr/include/sys/limits.h file whatsover.

All programs compiled under an AIX version with a /usr/include/sys/limits.h file
must either be recompiled under AIX 4.3 or recompiled with the
/usr/include/sys/limits.h file changed so that the variable OPEN_MAX = 32767.

If the recompilation is not done, the program may not run even though the
OPEN_MAX parameter value of 2000 is less than the 32767 maximum.  In fact the
rule is that if the OPEN_MAX number is higher on the target machine than for the
machine where the program was compiled, then the program is guaranteed NOT to
run on the new target machine.

kgarst AT giantofmaryland DOT com

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