Re: Incorrect Community Name

1999-06-02 08:17:21
Subject: Re: Incorrect Community Name
From: "Stoner, Raymond" <Raymond.Stoner AT SPCORP DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 08:17:21 -0400
We have the same problem at times with some of our NT servers (Compaqs) .
The servers are both in NetView SNMP config properly and SNMP appears to be
configured properly on the Server. Pretty strange. Performed some SNMP
tracing on the event but results did not show much. So what we have done is
un-checked the send authentication trap box in the SNMP config on some of
the offending NT servers.
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Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: Incorrect Community Name

Check configuration of SNMP services on the offending device(s) - a bad
community name is suggested below.

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:39 PM
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> Subject:      Incorrect Community Name
> I kept getting the below events to my Netview v.5.1 (on AIX 4.2.1) from
> the
> WindowNT systems:
> Incorrect Community Name (authenticationFailure Trap)
> enterprise:ENTERPRISES ( args(0):
> How do I correct the problem?  Thanks for your help.
> Phat Doan

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