Re: Three problems with NetView V5.0a on WinNT ?

1999-01-28 01:39:45
Subject: Re: Three problems with NetView V5.0a on WinNT ?
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 01:39:45 -0500
I don't have a lot of experience with the NT version, but I will take a
crack at this... First off you should
consider upgrading this system to 5.1. It is a WAY better product. Anybody

>I have recently picked up the task of 'supporting' a customer NetView (TME
>10) V5.0a on Win NT V4.0 INTEL installation. Although I have some
>as a user I have not had configuration or management training so these
>questions hopefully are simple to answer :-)

>I have three identified problems that I have to try and get quickly fixed:

>1. a third party system has recently been modified to generate and send
>traps to our NetView system. These traps report on the system status
>changes, as they occur (hopefully infrequently) and are intended to have
>relevant icons on the maps change colour to reflect status. We have seen
>that traps do indeed cause the icons to change colour but the status is
>being reset (almost immediately) by the subsequent ping result (ok). I
>expect there to be an attribute (either on the icon or map) to have the
>reflect the highest severity received trap (until cleared) not just
>the most recent status input from the ping. Is there a way to have NetView
>display this behaviour ?

The icons being reset are apparently on the IP map, so they are primarily
managed by the ipmap application so their status is by default IP-only and
set by netview. Under Edit..Modify..Map, there is a place to modify ipmap
behavior. You can tell it not to override user changes to status. Normally,
though, icons created by Netview should be left to netview to manage. Most
add-on applications that want to affect status do so by adding icons in
the interface cards, so the status propogates up. REad the section in the
Admin guide about status.

>2. The customer has at some point in the past tried creating submaps from
>the default map and got into problems with cut and paste operations
>resulting in lost objects. They were advised, by a separate consultancy,
>that they should simply copy all the objects, in the default map, and
>them into their own custom map. Then they could construct submaps and move
>symbols without messing with the object database. This the customer has
>but is now complaining that new objects, after being autodiscovered, are
>being displayed in the default map but are not getting replicated into
>customer map. Furthermore, when they try and cut&paste an icon/symbol (for
>newly discovered object) from the default into their custom map it doesn't
>appear to be copied over - is there any configuration flag to have all
>discovered objects automatically copied to the new custom map or is it a
>manual step. If it is a manual step what steps should they follow ?

This sounds like a bad deal to me. I would call that a corrupted database.
If things are being added correctly to the default map, it may not be too
bad. I would delete the custom map and recreate it by doing a File..Save
of the default map. Understand the difference between a map and a submap.
A map (eg 'default') has lots of submaps. A separate, custom, map, is one
thing; adding custom submaps to the default map is another thing. It
me that you say they tried to copy items between maps. I can't think how
you would do that. So if they are copying things to submaps, they are
probably not in a real good state. Net, new items should appear in all
maps automatically. If they don't, there is something wrong with the map
they don't appear in.

>3. Finally, the customer has NetView installed on several PCs, two of
>have lost their hard disks (over the last couple of months) and the
>has had to manually recreate their custom maps and submaps. They have
>how to backup their configuration database so that in the event of having
>rebuild another PC they can simply restore the backed up files and get
>their custom configuration.

In V5.1 for NT there is a command to copy the map database from the server
to the
clients, if that is what you are talking about. In Netview for Unix, you
just need to back up the database directories by whatever means you
That is, /usr/OV/databases/openview and the same directories are used for
If there is a relational database involved, well, I don't know exactly what
the implications are.

>Any and all help would be much appreciated, even if only pointers to old
>mails in the Listserver database



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