Year 2000

1999-01-25 05:22:09
Subject: Year 2000
From: Adibah Mohamed <bmadibah AT NCS.COM DOT SG>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:22:09 +0800

  Just to add another query abt Y2K... I read at the web page that Netview 4 is 
also Y2K compliant.
I have recently upgraded added the Y2K patch for my OS level 4.1.5 (cos I was 
afraid that the higher
OS level would not support my Netview)...

  Now, I'm faced with a dilemma as my customers want to upgrade to Netview 5.1 
(which they are
expecting to come in very soon)... and am not sure how best to go abt this... I 
mean, should I
upgrade the OS level first before the Netview upgrade or can the OS 4.1.5 
support NVW 5.1?


Adibah Mohd
NCS Pte Ltd

Ludovic Sauvourel wrote:

> Thanks for your answser but, why do you means by "though there were some 
> minor problems fixed in
> NetView Version 5.1." ?
> Are these problems bound to Year 2000 compliance ?

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