Re: NV v5.1 Installation?

1999-01-24 13:14:52
Subject: Re: NV v5.1 Installation?
From: Don Davis <don-n-darla AT WORLDNET.ATT DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:14:52 -0500
My experience installing NetView 5.1 in symbolic linked file system
on Solaris 2.6 has been ....
Well, let's just say it was not a "Happy NetView Experience" !!!

I worked with 6 Solaris 2.6 machines in a classroom environment.
The hard disk was partotioned with only 180Mb space in /usr.
I created the sub-directory OV in /usr. I also created an OV
sub-directory in the /export/home file system with 1.2 Gb free space.
I then created a symbolic link from /usr/OV to /export/home/OV.
(cd /usr ; ln -s /export/home/OV  OV)
When I attempted to install NetView, it failed with errors indicating
it was out of disk space. The /usr directory was 100% full.
It appeares that the NetView installation process checks for the
of /usr/OV and deletes any existing OV directory (the link) before
proceeding with the installation.
A curious note is that the installation process restored the link as a
sub-directory of /usr/OV.
It restored the link as follows   /usr/OV/OV was linked to

I had to boot the machines from CD and re-partition the hard disk before

I could install NetView.

AFter this experience, my advise is to make an exception and put NetView
in /usr.
Good luck,

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