Re: Problem installing Dynatext (NV5.1 for UNIX)

1999-01-22 03:48:07
Subject: Re: Problem installing Dynatext (NV5.1 for UNIX)
From: Jean-Michel THIEBAUD <jean-michel.thiebaud AT DETEXIS.THOMSON-CSF DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:48:07 +0100
Hi James,

This is a fresh install, not a migration process. I found the reason why
it doesn't work. I had to add in the file
/usr/local/Tivoli/bin/Dynatext/data/.ebtrc the path of the Netview Book
I have a V5R1 version and I applied the Tivoli Framework patch.
But you can read in the documentation "Netview installation and
Configuration page 2-21" in a note : "You must install the TME10 Netview
Dynatext patch before you install the TME10 Netview books file Package."
So may be it's a mistake in the documentation.
Any way, it's ok now.

Thanks for your answer
Have a nice day

Jean-Michel THIEBAUD

James Shanks a écrit:
> I installed no such Dynatext patch for my 5.1 installation, and I cannot
> find in my 5.1 Release Notes where this is mentioned.
> Indeed, I installed Dynatext and the books after the NetView server was
> completely installed and operational by several days.  So let's back up
> here and start again.
> Are you migrating or installing fresh?  Are you sure your Release Notes say
> V5R1?  Where exactly in the Release Notes are you quoting from (page and
> paragraph)?   Did you apply the Framework patch?
> James Shanks
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> Subject:  Problem installing Dynatext (NV5.1 for UNIX)
> Hi all,
> I got a problem during the install process of Netview V5.1 for UNIX on a
> RS6000.
> The documentation says "you have to install the TME10 Netview DynaText
> patch before installing the DynaText browser".
> When i select "Install Patch" from the desktop pull-down menu of the
> Tivoli Framework, I cannot find "Tivoli/Dynatext Patch" in the dialog
> box. I just can select "TME10 Netview Framework Patch 5.1" and "TME10
> Netview Framework Patch 5.0 to 5.1".
> I tried to install Netview without installing the Dynatext Patch but
> the script "run_customize" tell me it cannot customize the Dynatext
> Browser and the Book.
> Netview is OK but i can't access to the documentation on line.
> What can I do to find this patch and reinstall the Dynatext browser and
> the documentation ?
> Any idea ?
> PS : My configuration is TME10 5.1 for UNIX, AIX 4.2.1
> Thanks

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