Defining Collections BEFORE Discovery so Collection "SNMP Config. " can be used

1999-01-21 15:22:11
Subject: Defining Collections BEFORE Discovery so Collection "SNMP Config. " can be used
From: "Prokott, Joe" <Joe.Prokott AT WESTGROUP DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:22:11 -0600
How can I extend the length of defining a NV rule from 2048 characters?  We
are using collection definitions for BOTH "SNMP Configuration" and grouping
of similar devices together.  Since we are using NV collections for defining
SNMP community names, the device name must be in the NV rule *before* the
device is actually in the NV database.  If it is not, the correct community
name used for initial NV discovery will NOT be used.

Thus, we must use an "Object List" to create the collection.  Is there any
other way of defining the collection other than using the "Object List" if
we need to define a collection rule before the device is actually defined in
the NV database?  If so, how?  If not, how can I extend the NV rule so that
I can put more that 2048 charaters in the definition of the rule?  We have
some collections that have 300+ nodes and an object list that includes all
of these nodes is much longer than 2048 characters.

I find the support for the "SNMP Configuraion" to accept entries based on
collection is a catch 22 - the community name is needed BEFORE initial
discovery, yet all NV collection rules except "Object List" rely on NV
database fields determined AFTER initial discovery.  So, how can I most
effectively define these collection rules to define the community name for a
collection of devices, without having the device already discovered?  After
all, if the device is already discovered correctly in NV, shouldn't the
community name already be correctly defined and why would I need to define
the community name for the collection?

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