Re: Availability information

1999-01-20 17:16:21
Subject: Re: Availability information
From: Matt Moore <MattM AT DATACOM.CO DOT NZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:16:21 +0100
On NT, this data is stored in the
c:\usr\ov\databases\odbc\snmpcollect_db.mdb databse (if you're using MS
access as your data reprositry), in the upTimeTransitionTable table. The
ipAddress field can be joined to ipAddress in the upTimeSummaryTable
table to get the nodeName.

Matt Moore

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>From:  Chris McBride [SMTP:ChrisM AT RIGROUP DOT COM]
>Sent:  Thursday, January 21, 1999 5:46 AM
>Subject:       Availability information
>I need to find out if something is available in Netview 5.1 for AIX that's
>available in Netview 5.1 for NT.
>On Netview 5.1 for NT
>Right clicking on object, then selecting Object Properties, Select the
>Availability Tab.
>It has information on Mean time between failures, total downtime, a history
>of outages, and a pie graph showing the percentage of uptime to downtime.
>Is this information available in Netview 5.1 for AIX?  If so is it possible
>to print out a report with that information on a per object basis? Is it
>possible to print this report on the NT side?
>Chris McBride
>The Rock Island Group
>chrism AT rigroup DOT com

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