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1999-01-13 17:52:49
Subject: Re: AW: polling problem
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I was having a similar problem. I was trying to do demand polls from NetView
but they did not work, but a snmpget worked from the command line. There are
two EFIXes that should correct your problem.

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> I don4t know where this problem belongs to, so I post it here and hope
> it is known by someone:
> We4re using NK 5.1 on AIX4.2.1. From time to time I see Interface down and
> node down events from active stations. When looking on the network I see
> ARP request to the station, which isn4t answered. When I ping these
> stations from command line, Interface and node up events are shown.
> I know, this seems to be a network problem, but there was never a "manual"
> ping which wasn4t answered. Only the pings from NetView fail.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Mario


Do you an ATM Network?
Did you see the ping request on the server side?

I had the same problem and I fixed it by putting very small timeout and many
Since I changed to that setting I don't have any problem but I don't think
is really fixed. Can you send me what kind of device you have to compare
my network because I also suspect something on the network. May be we have
in common that could point us to the solution.


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