Re: NetView 5.1

1999-01-08 11:40:49
Subject: Re: NetView 5.1
From: Vladimir Petr <petr AT DATASYS DOT CZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 17:40:49 +0100
Hello, Blaine;
We upgraded from NV 5 to NV 5.1 some time ago. If you are going to migrate data 
definitions from the current version, make sure there are no specific nodes as 
the sources from
which to get traps in trapd.conf. Delete them before you start migration having 
made a copy of
trapd.conf beforehand (there was a discussion on this issue on the list). We 
were much troubled with
this problem for we could not proceed with the upgrade.
Also, you have to install the appropriate Framework patch before installing 

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

"Owens, Blaine C" wrote:
> Hello, we're getting ready to upgrade to NetView version 5.1. We are
> only interested in network management. I know I need to install the
> Tivoli Framework (3.6). Are there any other Tivoli components I need to
> or should install? How about TIPN? Thanks.
> If I understand what I am reading the following would be the sequence:
> 1) Tivoli Framework 3.6
> 2) NetView 5.1
> 3) TIPN (?)
> Thanks.
> Blaine Owens
> Eastman Chemical Company
> Email - bowens AT eastman DOT com
> Phone - (423)229-3579
> Fax     - (423)229-1188

Vladimir Petr
DATASYS s.r.o.

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