Re: Changing Password

1998-10-30 05:05:02
Subject: Re: Changing Password
From: Jon Needes <jon.needes AT ATS.UK.EDS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:05:02 +0000
Uwe Richter wrote:

> This is a known Bug since 4.1.x.  You can get a E-Fix for the Bug.
> But then the nvsecd is unstable (exit-Code 4). For this Problem
> exists a PMR at IBM.
> Uwe
>  ----------
> Gesendet:  Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 1998 12:56
> Betreff:  Changing Password
> We are running NetView 5.0 on AIX.
> I have turned on NetView security and set up users with different
> capabilities with no problem.  I have just attempted to change my user
> password and found that I am unable to.  The NetView Authentication
> Dialog comes up and I enter my user id, old password and new password,
> and then press Apply.  Ithen get the message:
> "Please enter your OLD TME 10 NetView password to proceed... "
> If I enter my old password and press Apply I get the message:
> "Please enter your NEW TME 10 NetView password to login... "
> After entering my new password and pressing Apply I get prompted for my
> old password again rather than being asked to confirm the new password,
> and the cycle continues.
> I have tried running NetView from root and running nvauth from the
> command line the problem persists.
> Is this a known bug in 5.0 which will disappear when we receive and
> install 5.1, or is there something I have overlooked.
> Thanks in advance
> Jon Needes
> EDS, Hook, UK

  Thanks for the reply, Uwe

Does the bug still exist in NetView 5.1?  If so, perhaps someone in Tivoli
can explain why what appears to be a simple problem has not been fixed.
We have found that you can change passwords through Security
Administration, but we do not want ordinary users to have access to this.
The e-fix described does not sound acceptable.  On any security system
users will expect to be able to change their own password.



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