T/EC integration with NV

1998-10-27 10:57:05
Subject: T/EC integration with NV
From: Cristina Zabeu <czabeu AT DEV.TIVOLI DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 09:57:05 -0600
About the question...

"So does the TEC server *have* to be in the same TMR as the NV
Server? "

There must be a TEC server in the same TMR as the NV Server - not
necessarily in the same machine, but in the same TMR at least.
You have to have the TEC console binaries installed in the same
machine where NetView (client or server) is installed.

The statement...

"It is possible to use the data from a TEC server located in a
TMR other than that on which the
TEC Integration component is installed, if the TMRs are

... means that you can work with data from the remote TEC server
by specifying its location. For "disptec", which is the
application that retrieves TEC events, you will have to modify
the registration file to specify where you are reading your
events from. For "collToEg", which enables you to create event
groups out of collections, you will have to pass the location of
the TEC server as a parameter in the command line. TIPN User's
Guide gives examples on how this is done.

You can not install a TEC console outside a TMR that has a TEC
server mainly because you will not have the supporting objects
for it which are handled by the TEC server (for instance, the
event groups). You can exchange the resources, as indicated
previously, but then you will not have the binaries required for
TIPN to work.

Hope this clarifies your question!

Cristina Zabeu
Tivoli Systems

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